About Billo

Billo is focused on creating the new high street experience using mobile and contactless technologies



Discover businesses

Discover through the map or use the advanced search and traits system to find exactly what you fancy

Get free stuff

Use contactless technology to get reward points and offers for your loyalty at the local businesses around you

Finally, a worthwhile reason to return to your favourite places

Feel valued and gain a great experience as a loyal customer


How it works


Find cafes, salons, clothes shops, bars, experiences and many more on the billo app


Use contactless technology to get a reward points and offer at a Billo point in-store


Redeem your saved up points for exclusive rewards at local business around you!

Billo Partner

Billo Partner is the platform that businesses use to interact with the business features of the Billo app

Gain more footfall and an increased customer retention

Reach more customers, let them know what you offer and see them return for more

Get insightful data

Understand customer habits and how they interact with your business to make better business decisions

Create a digital experience for your business

Reward your loyal customers through our contactless technology and great looking app

Billo Partner FAQ

We release in the middle of summer 2018. You can contact us at will@usebillo.com to find out more information about us and stay tuned for more.

Yes! We are actively looking for passionate businesses to join on our journey to create the new high street experience. Contact us through the contact form or contact will@usebillo.com for more information.

Billo’s pricing will be announced soon before release. If you would like to discuss anything regarding pricing and costs, please contact will@usebillo.com.

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